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Some problems in the use of automatic screw locking machine

now automation products are becoming more and more popular. In recent years, many manufacturers of automation products have also begun to emerge in China, including many manufacturers of automatic screw locking machine. Many manufacturers say that it is particularly important to tap the potential of the demand for rare earth nano materials from foreign technology, or introduce the minimum three technologies of foreign technology, but frankly, it is actually imitating foreign technology. The automatic screw locking machine does not have many shortcomings in terms of design principle, but many design manufacturers ignore a problem in the design, that is, the quality of screws. Big heads, eccentric heads, spikes (burrs) and so on are the killers of the automatic screw locking machine, which are fatal to the automatic screw locking machine. At present, few domestic manufacturers dare to say that there are no big heads, eccentric heads, and sharp edges (burrs) in each batch of screws, so now the domestic automatic screw locking machine is very unstable in work. The hand-held automatic screw locking machine is better, with manual operation, and can be handled in time if there is a problem, but the fully automatic one is not good. No one has found the problem, which seems to be efficient. If you count the maintenance time, It may not be as good as a better hand-held automatic screw locking machine! Specifically, the disadvantages of the automatic screw locking machine are mainly the machine jam, floating teeth (not locked tightly), and flower heads, which are caused by the poor quality of the screws or by the manufacturers' changing the design size to solve the problem of how to effectively solve the bad impact of plastic on the environment. For most screw machine manufacturers, it is impossible to solve, and it is a fatal disease!!! In addition, the problems of the machine itself, such as the materials, processes and brands of electronic parts, are not big problems, because powerful manufacturers can solve this problem, which we will not discuss here. I don't need to explain the jam. I think everyone must tighten it with nuts. The so-called floating teeth and flower heads are caused by two reasons. The first is the problem of its own design structure. The second is that the screw machine manufacturer enlarges all screw machine channels to solve the above-mentioned special-shaped screws, including the electric screwdriver nose. The biggest reason for floating teeth and flower heads is that the inner diameter of the electric screwdriver nose is too large! Automation has been popular in foreign countries for many years, and they can be said to be very mature in technology. They are very clear about the problems that automatic screw locking machines are prone to in locking and paying, so it is easy to prescribe the right medicine to the case. They can screen the screws with big heads, flat heads and sharp edges (burrs), and will not cause machine jams, floating teeth and flower heads due to the quality of screws! It can automatically screen and replenish materials without floating teeth and flower heads

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