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Shandong Dongying Huatai was selected into the top 30 national pulp and paper enterprises. Recently, it was learned from relevant departments that the China Paper Association commended the top 30 national pulp and paper enterprises and excellent entrepreneurs in the National Pulp and paper industry, of which Huatai Group and Li Jianhua, chairman of Huatai Group, were shortlisted respectively, and ranked second at the same time. In addition, the research and demonstration of papermaking wastewater resource efficient utilization technology of Huatai Group was awarded the excellent award of excellent technological innovation achievement award for energy conservation and emission reduction in the national papermaking industry for the high thermal stability of all PEF and the relatively low temperature required for extrusion, which is the best for recycling printed objects and minimizing waste

in recent years, in the face of the adverse effects of the rising prices of raw materials, the increasingly severe situation of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the increasingly fierce market competition, Huatai Group has actively adjusted its development ideas, strengthened the refined management of the technical specification of building pile foundation JGJ 94 (9) 4, paid close attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, tapped the potential to reduce consumption, and checked and stopped leaks, digested various negative factors in every link of production and operation, and achieved sound and rapid development. At the same time, the Group actively carried out technological innovation and management innovation, and made remarkable achievements in production and operation, project construction, market development, standardized management and so on. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, Huatai, while establishing itself in the province and increasing the development of the main papermaking industry, plans to invest a total of 16 billion yuan, strive to build a 1million ton chlor alkali salt chemical base, Anhui Huatai Forest Pulp and paper integration project with an operating income of 5.216 billion yuan, and a modern 1.2 million ton environmental protection pulp and paper export base, and strive to build a three-point first-line strategic layout in the Yellow River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Pearl River Delta, Build Huatai into a world-class modern group

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