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The transformation and upgrading of Shandong coating industry aims at the all-round type

accelerate the development pace of core technology and scientific and technological innovation, and establish a service-oriented, innovative and high-tech R & D professional team, so as to orderly promote the development of high-resolution coating industry. This is the consensus of enterprise representatives and coating experts at the 2015 annual meeting of Shandong Coating Industry Association held in Zoucheng City, Shandong Province on the 15th

it was learned at the meeting that Shandong is a nationally famous production base of oily paint, with as many as 200 large and small coating enterprises. Among them, Shandong Pentium paint Co., Ltd., Shandong Qilu paint Co., Ltd. and Shandong Lehua group are among the top three coating enterprises in Shandong, and their market share has spread across more than 30 provinces and cities in China. Shandong's coating production capacity is as high as 1million tons. In 2014, Shandong's coating production was 907000 tons, with an output value of 25.337 billion yuan. From January to October this year, the output was 639900 tons and the output value was 23.190 billion yuan

Shen Xiaoye, chairman of Shandong Lehua group, said that the pressure of environmental protection and sluggish market demand have led to a contraction in the paint market, and sales are expected to decline by 12% this year

"this requires the rapid transformation of coating enterprises, the realization of capital operation, the strengthening of coating brands and the improvement of anti risk ability." Gu Shigang, general manager of Shandong Pentium paint Co., Ltd., pointed out in his speech that the new normal of China's economic development has brought both opportunities and challenges to the development of the paint industry. At present, the degree of homogeneity of coating products in the market is worrying. Many enterprises encounter great bottlenecks in capital and capital operation, and many brands are on the verge of collapse. How to use policies to reasonably guide, standardize production, encourage and reward enterprises' differentiated management is the future development trend in the fixture industry for some new materials and special materials

born under the new normal of China's economic development, Leeper, who had no legs, was equipped with carbon fiber prostheses to participate in the 100 meter, 200 meter and 400 meter Paralympic Games. The transformation and upgrading of the coating industry is urgent. In this regard, sunlianying, President of China Paint Industry Association, said: "paint enterprises must pay more and more attention to the capital market, so that more and more paint enterprise names appear in the" new third board "and other capital markets; Secondly, we should pay attention to brand building. Brand is the most direct voice of coating enterprises. In the future, there will be no foothold without brand, and the brand tends to be more professional. "

Shandong Pentium paint Co., Ltd. is the first paint enterprise in the paint industry in Shandong Province to enter the capital market. Meng Xiangkai, chairman of the company, said that the successful listing of the new third board is a phased achievement of the company's access to the capital market, which has further established the brand influence of "Pentium paint", broadened the financing channels, and will open a new page for the development of Pentium. "Kerstan also pointed out that

Yan Yongjiang, Secretary General of Shandong coating industry association, and the heads of Qilu, Lehua, Shengguang, Yili and other enterprises agreed with this. Yan Yongjiang said that in view of the current plan of transformation, development and upgrading of the coating industry, Shandong coating association should work together with local associations to constantly innovate, create brands and create famous brands, and jointly build a good platform for the development of Shandong coating industry

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