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Shandong energy Lunan equipment relies on the transformation and development of "remanufacture"

when turning the gear shift handwheel of the dial, Shandong energy Lunan equipment relies on the transformation and development of "remanufacture"

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the scrapped mining hydraulic support column, which has been refined and repaired by a beam of laser, has actually come back to life, and its service life after being put into use in the mine is even longer than that of the new product. Relying on the laser cladding remanufacturing technology of "turning corruption into magic", Lunan equipment company of Shandong energy jujube Mining Group repaired mining machinery and equipment, which effectively promoted the transformation and development of the enterprise

entering the remanufacturing workshop of Lunan equipment company, I saw that the workers were skillfully operating the laser cladding numerical control equipment. The two meter long stainless steel column rotates slowly. After being irradiated by laser beam, a smooth coating is added to its surface. "It is this layer of cladding that allows the coal mining support columns that should be scrapped to be put back into use." Shi Hu, deputy general manager of Lunan equipment company, said that the service life of the column reconstructed by laser cladding technology is more than three times that of the ordinary column with a large load of 5kn (1) 000kn and a low frequency of 0 (1) 0Hz

unlike conventional maintenance, remanufacturing has a hard standard, that is, the performance and shelf life of remanufactured products cannot be lower than that of new prototype products. Shi Hu said, "the cost of remanufactured products is only half of that of new products, but the performance can reach or even exceed the level of new products. Whether it is energy or materials, the consumption of remanufactured parts is only 20% to 30% of that of a new product, and the saving effect is obvious."

it is reported that remanufacturing, as a sunrise industry, has broad prospects. Jujube mining group alone has more than 270 sets of fully mechanized mining units, roadheader and other equipment, and more than 5000 hydraulic supports. With the continuous increase of new equipment in jujube mine, the elimination of waste equipment has increased year by year. More than 30000 parts and components are recycled but not reused every year, with a value of more than 150million yuan. With the surrounding coal mines, about 15000 yuan (sets) can be remanufactured, which contains a huge remanufacturing market

Jing Dapeng, chairman and general manager of Lunan equipment company, said that the development of remanufacture is the responsibility of Lunan equipment company According to the use of punishment, there are mainly general-purpose machines (universal machines) and special-purpose machines, which are important points to promote the development and transformation, and are of great significance to the development of circular economy and the construction of green mines. In the future, Lunan equipment company will establish a professional disassembly center and testing center, form a perfect "recycling remanufacture sales" industrial chain, and expand the large-scale remanufacture industry

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