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Basic working procedures for clothing packaging exported to Europe and the United States

this standard is based on clothing exported to the United States, and clothing from Europe, Japan and other countries can refer to this working procedure

certain single specification table (style sample, batch sample, pre production sample)

1 Specification sheet for quotation --- style sample this specification sheet is mainly used for designers to see the style effect and calculate the production materials. Generally, samples are made of similar fabrics, and auxiliary materials are allowed to be used instead. Sometimes this step has been completed by the technology and sample Office of our company. For manufacturers, this specification sheet is only for quotation, so as to win real orders. When using this form, attention should be paid to the contents and specifications of each item, because these contents and specifications are often directly related to the cost. Any methods and suggestions that are conducive to reducing the cost without changing the basic requirements of the original clothing and will affect the service life of the device can be put forward and can be changed with the consent of our company, All changes in this specification sheet must be annotated so that the next work can be carried out in a consistent manner

2. Sample specification table --- batch sample

this table is mainly used to print batch samples. Before making the batch sample, operate item by item according to the style sample and the specific requirements in the sample specification table, check the fabric texture and structural specification of the sample, measure all dimensions, and make sure that the dimensions of each point are within the allowable error range. Give the style samples and specification sheets to the relevant technicians to review the doubts and difficulties, so as to comprehensively understand the situation of the sample clothes. In principle, formal main and auxiliary materials are used for batch and sample processing

3. Mass production specification table -- pre production sample

once the batch sample is approved by the customer, the customer will provide the correct specification table for mass production. Only this product specification table is used for mass production in the factory. If the previous specification table is used to replace it, errors often occur, because after proofing, customers often change the original size, and the change of this size is often inconspicuous. Before mass production and operation, a sample must be made, which is called pre production sample. In the production of this sample clothing, all the main dressings must use the materials to be used in future production, and can be cut in large quantities only after the customers fully approve

II. Factory evaluation

generally, before placing an order for a new factory, our quality supervision department should score and evaluate the factory. Our company has other interfaces of the quality supervision department. 1. The full-time personnel of the standard USB interface are responsible for carrying out this work. The quality supervision department will transfer this evaluation result to the production department for reference, so that the production department can understand the strengths and weaknesses of the factory, and will pay attention to his emphasis during production tracking, It is an effective basis for us to consider and measure the production quality and capacity of the factory. In principle, the production enterprise that meets a certain standard can produce the order of the company. Of course, it is also possible for the company or the end customer to appoint a full-time evaluation company to complete this work

for general orders, the manufacturer is required to provide at least three colors for each group, and a B C will give our customers selection confirmation. Sometimes, for some work, the factory will be required to contact the user's laboratory directly, which can reduce links and preparation time

IV. cloth inspection

for general product trade, the factory must carry out 10% spot check on the incoming cloth, which is sometimes completed by a third party and an intermediary. Special attention should be paid to the key inspection: quantity, specification, shrinkage, color fastness, cylinder color difference, left and right color difference, front and rear color difference, strength, cloth surface defects. All these inspection records must be kept so that we or our customers can spot check at any time, Prove that the factory is doing this work

v. color difference limit

theoretically, it is required that each small cloth sample cut by 2 ` ` x 2 ` 'should be compared with the standard color. In practice, the factory cutting department should compare each piece. Different cylinder numbers should be strictly distinguished and compared with the color. When the dyeing quality is unstable, it must be strictly monitored

VI. cutting

make sure that the cutting is accurate. The cutting must be checked every day. Check that all the cut parts are cut according to the requirements of the cardboard. At the same time, check that the position difference of the upper, middle and lower layers should not be greater than 1/8 `

VII. Production line inspection

any management is an internal matter of the enterprise, but as a customer, we require the factory to have a production line quality control system. Only in this way can we reduce or eliminate defective products from the production line. The factory should sample at any time, and each bundle of semi-finished products should be marked with a number. If defects are found, there must be clear stickers or other marks to indicate whether to accept or rework, as well as the date, operator's name (or code), defect name or number. Online inspectors should focus on the inspection of key operating parts, and pay special attention to the defects that will cause the whole quality problem, We should pay attention to and strive for necessary preventive measures in the whole management

VIII. Finished product inspection

all products must be 100% inspected before shipment. If they are repaired or rearranged, shipment will be affected. The factory should pay attention to the accuracy of the product organization, size, color and documents. In the final inspection, the level of AQL is usually used to represent the level of product quality. In the specific content of AQL standard, it also includes the ways and methods to be adopted and the standard of the number of repairs to be accepted. The specific AQL standard of each order is different, which is related to the size of the order, the final quality requirements and customers. Generally, aql4.0 is more, of course, there are also a small number of 2.5 or 6.5

several American companies have the following requirements:

finished product workmanship updates market development concepts and performance AQL level - DSD high requirements 4.0, menyris/dsd4.0, target4.0. In September 2014, the AQL level of finished product size - woven 6.5, knitting 10.0. These three companies are representative in the production of ready-made clothes in the United States. For different companies in the production process, the company will notify the AQL standard, and if there is no notification, it is basically this level

IX. washing test

consumers are the last quality inspector. In order to facilitate consumers to buy satisfactory products, the performance of products after washing should meet the requirements of design. The main steps of washing clothes in factories are as follows: a Measuring length b Follow the instructions of wheat washing for c Put it out for 2 hours d Follow the wheat washing instructions to do e Wash again twice f Reduced (length x width) g Use the gray board to compare the changes of the finished products, and then summarize the comments and conclusions. If the factory does not use the American Standard for washing, the clothes will be redone in the laboratory after they arrive in the United States. In the test of washing, there are great differences between countries, and the methods of our country and the United States are also very different. The final test method should be the standard of where to sell and where to use

X. clothing finished product test -

before shipment, all clothes shall be tested according to our requirements. The material varieties of clothes are different, and the test contents are different. Before shipment, it shall be sent to the laboratory designated or recognized by us for testing of relevant items. The testing places include the local manufacturer, the United States or a third country. If the test is qualified, our warehouse logistics department will arrange the shipment

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