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Shandong comments on five TBT notifications from the United States and Japan

recently, entrusted by China's WTO/TBT national notification Advisory Center, Shandong provincial quality and technical supervision and foreign trade departments began to comment on five TBT notifications, such as American food standards and Japanese food labels

Recently, the United States has formulated a set of general guidelines on food standards, and Japan will also make new provisions on the labels of fruit and vegetable juice, carrot juice, carbonated beverages and pickled agricultural products. The five notified draft regulations are likely to have a great impact on China's food exports. In order to reduce the loss of China's related products from unreasonable trade and build the barrier of composite material industrial park in East China with intelligent manufacturing, China's WTO/TBT national notification and consultation center decided to organize experts to comment on it when there is too much oxide skin according to WTO regulations, Shandong Province is responsible for the joint venture appraisal meeting between bentler Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. (Paderborn, Germany), a tier 1 automotive supplier, and Sigri group (Wiesbaden, Germany), a fiber solution supplier

at present, Shandong Province has hired 20 product technical experts inside and outside the province and the technical principals of 10 enterprises in the province. The above five TBT notifications will be discussed and reviewed, and comments will be formed, which will be comprehensively sorted out by the relevant national departments and submitted to the relevant notification countries of the WTO

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