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At 15:00 on October 30, China Plastics price index



rise and fall

China Plastics index


↑ 1.93

China Plastics warehouse receipt index


↑ 4.89

China Plastics spot index


↓ 1.69


today, China plastics warehouse opened slightly higher as a whole, and the intraday price oscillated downward in a narrow range, with some gains retreating in the late trading. Today, the market volume can continue to shrink, the trading volume has fallen significantly, the wait-and-see mentality is significant, the turnover phenomenon is rare, there are many positions building behaviors, the market orders have increased steadily, the traders have serious differences, and the market's recent mentality is sensitive. The composite index recovered its ten day moving average today, but the upward offensive is general. At the same time, the current moving average system of the index is still in a short position, which has not been completely destroyed, and there is a great risk of continuing to be bullish

today, the ex factory price of domestic petrochemicals has remained stable as a whole, some have been adjusted, and some have been adjusted by a large margin. The prices of individual brands of PP, PE and PVC were reduced by yuan/ton, and the ABS quotation was relatively stable. In terms of the spot market, the raw material market of Yuyao plastic city was calm, and it was in an overall consolidation situation, with narrow rises and falls in some parts, no significant improvement in downstream demand, multi-dimensional holding with purchase status, traders' purchase intention was indifferent, mostly shipping, and the transaction was not ideal

source of information: China plastics trading

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