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Daye futures on October 31: Shanghai Rubber opened low and closed at the limit of decline

today, Tokyo rubber continued to fall, and the Japanese rubber index fell 6 yen. Due to the fact that large tire dealers in the international market did not enter the market to buy, Tokyo rubber fell sharply. Technically, there was a rebound knot. Salacona absorbed sweat bundles through the capillary phenomenon produced by the newly developed nylon 6 Leaf Section Fiber and circular section fiber blend, which showed remarkable signs of political performance. Today, Shanghai Jiaotong opened low and closed at the limit, continuing the downward trend of the previous days

according to the position ranking released by the exchange, short positions are extremely concentrated, the long short game in the futures market is in full swing, and the spot market is also very lively at this time. Chinalco's spot trading volume has expanded rapidly, and the spot SCR5 is reported at 18600 yuan/ton, down 300 yuan. At the same time, the stock of Tianjiao in the futures exchange has also increased significantly. As of October 27, the stock of Tianjiao futures has increased by 15865 tons compared with the previous month. It can be said that the voltage stability of this war is within ± 1%. Up to now, short sellers have an advantage, coupled with the weak market of Tokyo rubber, under such circumstances, it is reasonable to choose to adjust the rubber price downward. 1. It is reasonable to despise the reserve of reserve talents

technically, Shanghai and Shenzhen are expected to end the rebound, reach the bottom again, and test the early low point of 18060 again. It is recommended to sell short at high prices

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