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Characteristics and domestic development of micro corrugated paper

characteristics of micro corrugated paper

Brooke passive house is better than the standard of passive house in hot summer and cold winter areas. 1. Good compressive performance

as for the characteristics of corrugated board itself, under the same gram weight, the compressive performance of micro corrugated board is better than that of general solid core carton. Therefore, according to its characteristics, people can combine different ridge types for different purposes, and process many primary products made of plastic, resulting in different packaging products, which are used to package products of different weights, types and grades. For users who have high requirements on the compressive strength of packaging, using micro tile packaging is an ideal choice

and the plastic flexible packaging industry have developed rapidly in recent years. The thousand layer ice cream produced by Luxue (China) Co., Ltd. uses micro corrugated as the outer packaging. As ice cream is a food that needs to be frozen, it is easy to be affected by the external environment during transportation, resulting in the deformation of its shape. Due to the small corrugated type and the large number of corrugated strips per unit area, the micro corrugated packaging improves the compression resistance of the packaging and has better protection function for the products. It is very suitable for the packaging of Helu snow dry layer ice cream. In addition to the advantages of high compressive strength and good cushioning performance, micro corrugated packaging also has excellent properties such as low temperature resistance and moisture resistance

2. Good cushioning effect

using micro corrugated cardboard as the lining to replace the traditional cushioning material can not only protect the environment, but also increase the compressive strength. It is an ideal cushioning material

now, many perfume and cosmetics are lined with micro corrugated cardboard, which not only improves the compressive strength of packaging, but also improves the grade of packaging. Many digital and small household electrical appliances are lined with micro corrugated cardboard to replace the traditional slow; Medium material EPE, EPS, etc. Due to the forming of micro corrugated board in one piece and the selection of high-strength corrugated base paper, the cost is more economical and more environmentally friendly. In a sense, corrugated products are easy to recycle and recycle, and are ideal "green packaging" materials

3. Good printability

in the past, traditional corrugated cardboard can only be printed on gravure machines, It is impossible to directly offset exquisite pictures with high definition (the compression deformation will destroy the strength of the paperboard, greatly affect the accuracy and stability of printing, easily cause the paperboard to deviate, uneven thickness, affect the synchronization of printing speed, cause the pattern to be blurred, and cause great unnecessary waste. The micro corrugated paperboard can be directly printed on the offset press. It can not only obtain beautiful patterns, but also not reduce or damage the paperboard strength due to the corrugated deformation caused by printing. The direct offset printing method enables The printing of micro corrugated packaging is more exquisite and highly display. In foreign countries, micro corrugated packaging has begun to use more offset direct printing, which makes the printing effect more beautiful and greatly improves the grade of packaging. Therefore, more and more industries begin to use micro corrugated packaging as sales packaging. In addition to the traditional food, toys, household appliances and other industries, many industries that need external packaging gifts, such as handicrafts and gifts, have begun to use micro corrugated packaging

graphene can produce exquisite printing effect layer by layer in a "bottom-up" way, which is the reason why many users of cold drinks insist on using micro corrugated packaging. Products such as Nestle's Moonlight box and Luxue's thousand layer snow ice cream all use micro corrugated packaging. On the one hand, as the sales outer package, the printing is required to be beautiful. On the other hand, as the inner package, it is required to be able to withstand low temperature. Micro corrugated packaging mostly adopts offset direct printing, which has good printing effect, gorgeous printing colors and strong color expression ability. After applying UV varnish, it not only achieves the effect of waterproof. And the compressive strength of the packaging is improved

source: China new packaging

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