Maintenance of Canon inkjet printer

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Talking about the maintenance of Canon inkjet printer


1. Maximum format: a4

2. Resolution: 2400*1200

3. Ink box used: bci-24bk300 pages/ink cartridge, 160 nozzles


4. Printing speed: 10 pieces/minute (black ink cartridge), 7 pieces/minute (color ink cartridge)

5. Operating system: win95/98 but after overcorrection/2000, NT4.0 MacOS

in the past three years, the demand growth of the carton board industry has generally remained at about 2 ~ 3%. 6. Print cache: 128KB

7. Interface: USB2.0

the power light flashes orange

the printer fails. The number of flashes indicates the type of failure, as outlined below. Please check the cause of the fault, and then take appropriate actions as long as you read carefully

● blink twice: paper shortage or paper feeding error

reload the paper correctly and press the recover/Cancel button

● flash three times: paper jam

if the printer has paper jam, then put the paper into the printer correctly and press the restore/Cancel button

see paper jam

● flash four times: ink is exhausted

one of the ink boxes has been used. There are two chucks on the device. Please replace the ink box

● flash six times: no print head is installed

● flash eight times: the waste ink collector is almost full

the printer has a built-in collector to collect the ink used when cleaning the print head. Flashing eight times indicates that the waste ink collector is almost full. Press the recover/Cancel button to cancel the fault, and you can continue printing

note:. When the waste ink collection ink is completely full, it can no longer be printed

● the power light flashes alternately green and orange:

please turn off the printer and unplug the printer. Please plug in the printer again, and then turn on the printer

manual canoni320 reset method

do not put paper in the printer. Unplug the power cord first; Press and hold the power button to plug in the power cord; Press the paper feed key twice without releasing the power key (the indicator turns green); Release the power key; Press the power key to shut down; Turn on and off again, and finally turn on OK

unfortunately, you can't dial! It needs to be completely cleared by software Refer to ip1000 clearing method for specific method

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